Scar Revision

Scars result from some sort of traumatic injury to the skin followed by a chaotic wound healing response. This leaves behind fibrotic tissue due to irregular collagen formation. Several types of scars exist such as atrophic, hypertrophic, contracture and keloid scars. Scar Revision laser therapies available to you will depend on the type of scar.  Sometimes creams can help, but lasers are a far better alternative. In extreme cases, skin grafts may be the only option but these cases are much more uncommon.


Healthpoint Laser Clinic is proud to offer the latest in scar revision laser therapy with treatment including the Laser Genesis, Venus Viva, and the Picoway® Resolve System.  Laser scar revision can be an effective, painless, non-invasive method when provided by skilled laser skin technicians.  Not only that, but laser therapies can also dramatically improve skin texture and pigment.


Our laser skin experts provide a range of ablative and non-ablative fractional resurfacing treatments depending on the severity and type of scar.  Not sure if your scar can be treated with laser therapy? Contact us for a free consultation today!

Scarring Treatment Solutions


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