Choosing your Provider of Cosmetic Injections in Kelowna

The medical aesthetics industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. It seems that a new salon offering injectables in Kelowna opens every couple of months. So, how do you know who to choose to perform cosmetic injections in Kelowna, such as Botox and fillers?

When considering a cosmetic injector, it is essential to know if they have adequate knowledge of anatomy, medicine, and the ability to respond to rare complications. On top of that, regulations for those who are allowed to perform injections are determined by jurisdiction and must be adhered to.

In British Columbia, only health professionals who are licensed and registered and eligible under their scope of practice are authorized to inject Botox and/or dermal fillers, which includes a medical doctor, physician, nurse practitioner or supervised RN. Estheticians, medical assistants, and other non-regulated persons are not authorized to perform injectable treatments, regardless of any training or qualifications obtained from a medical aesthetic institute or academy.

At Healthpoint Laser Clinic, we understand that although these guidelines are important, we recommend looking at other factors when choosing your cosmetic injector in Kelowna.



Most clients choose us because a friend or family member has recommended our services. Other times, the client found us online and read through our online reviews on Google and Facebook. Recommendations, referrals, and genuine reviews are good signs that you can trust a cosmetic injector. They can help in your research of the level of expertise your potential cosmetic injector has based on current clients’ experiences.



Your cosmetic injector’s qualifications and level of experience will play a significant role in the treatment and care you receive. Aside from certifiable credentials, experience is gained by assessing and treating many patients, observing outcomes over time, and maintaining up-to-date knowledge.  Choose someone who has been in the healthcare field for several years.



Price should not be the sole deciding factor when choosing one cosmetic injector over another. The price per unit of Botox or syringe of filler covers not only the cost of the product used but the skill and expertise of the injector. Paying for professionals may cost more per unit or syringe. However, an experienced injector can strategically use the product more effectively to get you a better outcome for the same price.

Please note: hotels, malls, and home parties are not safe, professional environments for injectable treatments



A large part of medical aesthetics is building trust. We use medical-grade lasers and medicines that can cause damage if misused. Although we love to have fun at work with our clients and staff, we take our relationship with you, our clients, very seriously. Trusting your cosmetic injector ultimately helps ensure clear communication that will only increase their ability to deliver the results you desire.

Our cosmetic injector informs our clients of all details and potential risks before performing your procedure. We ensure our clients go into the procedure confidently, with no unanswered questions or hesitations.

Receiving treatments from different injectors from different clinics is like hitting the reset button and starting over each time. In our practice, we create a personalized treatment plan for each client, with attention given to their specific needs. We review this plan at each visit to ensure we are still on track to reach your aesthetic goals, and if we cannot reach particular goals, we will clearly state why and identify the results that can be achieved.



Availability for follow-up is crucial. We are readily accessible for follow-up care during Healthpoint Laser Clinic’s regular business hours. Touch-ups or follow-ups of rare complications may be necessary, even in the most experienced hands.


Healthpoint Laser Clinic has been offering medical aesthetics in Kelowna for the past 14 years, locally owned and operated by the same owner throughout that time. All our services are based on scientific evidence and delivered with the utmost care and skill to ensure clients are comfortable and safe.

We pride ourselves on the many years spent helping our clients reach their aesthetic goals by investing in the latest laser technology and experienced staff.

Don’t hesitate to contact Healthpoint Laser Clinic for medical aesthetics, including Botox and other cosmetic injections in Kelowna.