The History of Laser Therapy

Healing With Light: Ancient Western Wisdom

The therapeutic benefits of light on the body have been documented since the earliest times. The ancient Egyptians practiced light therapy by building special rooms in which to take light baths. The earliest physician known to practice light therapy was Hippocrates around 440 BC. Hippocrates practiced heliotherapy, where the sick were treated with sunlight in a clinic with a roofless gallery facing the south. These treatments were administered for their soothing effects on wounds and compound fractures.

Healing With Acupuncture: Ancient Eastern Wisdom

Acupuncture is over 5,000 years old. It was not just practiced in China. The Egyptians talked about vessels that resembled the 12 meridians in 1550 B.C. in their medical treatises called the Papyrus Ebera. The South African Bantu tribesman scratched parts of their bodies to cure disease.The Arabs cauterized their ears with hot metal probes.The Eskimos used sharp stones for simple acupuncture. Brazilian cannibals shot tiny arrows with blow pipes to diseased parts of their bodies to cure disease.

Primitive sharp stones and bamboo were later replaced by fish bones, bamboo clips and later various shapes of needles made of metal. Today very fine hair thin needles are used. With advanced technology and precision instruments, these needles are placed at specific points of the body with little or no discomfort. When stones and arrows were the only tools of war, warriors wounded in war found that some diseases that affected them for many years were now gone. [courtesy of the American Association of Acupuncture]

Lasers have been used in surgery since the early 1960s following the development of the first successful laser in 1960. Ophthalmology and then dermatology were the first medical specialties to use the intense photon density of the pure beam of laser energy to induce photo-thermal effects which were capable of welding detached retinae, selectively coagulating small blood vessels on the retina, and removing abnormally coloured cutaneous lesions without damaging surrounding normal tissues. This was the birth of laser surgery.

In 1968 a Hungarian clinician and scientist, Professor Endré Mester, published a paper on a nonsurgical application of laser, the induced healing in weeks of non-healing leg ulcers, some of which had a history of years of unsuccessful conventional therapies. This was the birth of laser therapy.

East Meets West: The Alpha Life Style Laser System Is Born


In the early 1980s, a passionate and dedicated hypnotherapist and behavioural psychologist from Windsor, Ontario was attending a professional symposium in London, England. At the conference, he met researchers from the Medical University of Singapore who were using laser therapy to help people with smoking cessation. He  reviewed the study and was amazed at the success rate – 94% of the subjects who underwent laser therapy in the experimental group quit smoking immediately. Although the statistics were amazing, the study lacked a behaviour program and a detoxification regime. That’s when he thought, “If this therapy can help people cure nicotine addiction, what else can it be applied to? And what if we treated not only the physical addiction, but the psychological one too? And relieve the withdrawal symptoms?” With that vision, George Lucio learned all he could from the researchers and returned to Ontario to begin his own research. He quickly ran into a hurdle: there were no commercial lasers available at that time, outside of a university research facility. So George designed one, and had it built to his specifications at a high-tech facility in Topeka, Kansas. Laser technology has advanced light years since then [no pun intended] and George has been part of the evolution of laser and light therapies ever since. With the implementation of the behaviour program and a detoxification regime, his system has achieved the highest ongoing success rate of any program. This was the birth of the Alpha Life Style Laser System.

Alpha Life Style Centre was one of the first in North America to pioneer laser therapy and the first to establish a multi-disciplinary approach to mind-body therapies. With the understanding that nothing influences the body that doesn’t influence the mind, and nothing influences the mind that doesn’t influence the body,  Alpha has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve positive changes in their lives in the areas of addiction, stress, weight and pain, with amazing results.

Alpha Life Style Centre has gained recognition from the medical community on both sides of the border; physicians, psychologists, chiropractors and other health care professionals have sought advice and training to help their patients live healthier, happier lives with non-invasive, drug free therapy, without any negative side effects.

Healthpoint Laser Clinic is pleased to have been trained personally by George Lucio of Alpha Life Style Centre, who serves us in an advisory capacity, and to benefit from his extensive clinical observation and experience.