Blissfully Slim & Smooth with Kelowna’s Leading Medical Laser Clinic

Dramatic results of fat reduction without time-consuming, rigorous exercise? If you’re tired of working out and eating right without seeing results, we would like to introduce you to Venus Bliss™, the newest and latest in fat reduction. This advanced technology is now available exclusively in the Okanagan at Healthpoint Laser Clinic.

For more than a decade, Kelowna’s first-class medical spa has been treating patients with only the highest quality laser equipment on the market. Striving to provide effective and cost-efficient solutions to clients for a variety of issues such as acne, wrinkles, loose skin, fat reduction and more, Healthpoint’s clients literally see desired results in the mirror.

Venus Bliss™ activates fat reduction creating the slimmer physique that you desire using a non-invasive procedure with no downtime. By delivering intense laser energy into the deeper layers of the skin, no damage occurs to the surface of the skin as it improves lymphatic circulation while disrupting and destroying fat cells. Venus Bliss™, along with Healthpoint’s experienced medical laser technicians, delivers long-lasting results, comfortably without surgical procedures.

Benefits of Venus Bliss™

Slimmer treated areas

Tighter, smoother skin

Contoured treated areas

Reduced skin laxity

Completely non-surgical, non-invasive

Comfortable treatments

No recovery downtime

Healthpoint laser kelowna fat reduction bliss

How Venus Bliss Technology Works

With the use of a diode laser and radiofrequency technology, Venus Bliss™ reduces fat and creates smoother body contours that make you look fitter and younger. As the diode laser and radiofrequency are emitted into the body tissues, fat breaks down with the generated heat. Up to four applicators are used to target problem areas around the abdomen and flanks. Venus Bliss™ also reduces cellulite and tightens the skin by increasing the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin fibers.


Q: Is Venus Bliss™ safe for all skin tones?

A: This technology is clinically proven to be safe for dark, light, and all other skin tones giving everyone great results.


Q: How long does a single treatment session take to complete?

A: On average, a treatment session is completed in 25 minutes.


Q: Are multiple treatments needed?

A: Healthpoint Laser Clinic’s technicians will provide a recommended treatment plan depending on the specific parts of your body to be treated, as well as how well your body responds to each treatment. Based on extensive research, optimal results are achieved with three treatments. If multiple treatment sessions are needed, they are typically performed six weeks apart from one another.



Why Healthpoint Laser Clinic chose the Venus Bliss

Affordable for our Clinic, Affordable for You

Before the Venus Bliss™ came along, Healthpoint felt that other body sculpting devices were too costly to run and too expensive for patients. This premium technology costs at least 25% less than similar treatments.


High Patient Comfort, Less Downtime

A priority for Healthpoint is patient comfort. The clinic opted not to invest in other fat reduction devices because they were too painful. Owner of Healthpoint, Scott Fader, flew to Toronto to feel the Venus Bliss™ for himself and found the treatment surprisingly comfortable.

Fact: Over 90% of patients in a 30-subject study reported that they found the Venus Bliss™ treatments comfortable.


Best Patient Results

The photos speak for themselves. You can achieve 30%+ fat loss over three treatments. Large spot size allows medical laser technicians to treat a larger area.


Fat Reduction AND Skin Tightening AND Cellulite

Another drawback of other fat reduction devices on the market is that while they can achieve some fat reduction, they leave behind saggy and uneven skin. The Venus Bliss™ allows us to provide clients with fat reduction, skin tightening plus cellulite reduction in the same session!


For a limited time, Healthpoint Laser Clinic is offering FREE SKIN TIGHTENING with all Venus Bliss packages. 

Want to find out if you’re a good candidate for Venus Bliss™ treatments? Our medical laser technicians offer free consultations plus tailored treatment plans to meet and exceed your goals.