Facial Scarring Treatment

Although a scar usually has a story to tell, your face is not necessarily where you want this story to be shared constantly with the world. Accidents, surgeries and acne can leave permanent scars on the skin and cause a severe psychological effect.

Your skin reacts to trauma by building up fibrous tissue. This tissue is not the same as your normal and healthy skin, making it appear discoloured, colourless, raised, indented or all of the above.


For many years, topical treatments and surgery were the only treatment options for scarring. Laser technology has come a long way and Healthpoint Laser Clinic offers only the very best. We’ve done our research and have tested numerous equipment throughout our many years of experience. We have chosen the best to add to our toolbox in the fight against facial scarring, able to revise scar tissue with effective results, little to no downtime and less risk.

The laser treatment for facial scarring that Healthpoint Laser Clinic offers in Kelowna provides resurfacing to even out scar texture, irregularities and discolouration. By including other treatments like dermal fillers and medical grade skin care, you’ll be amazed at the results you see in the mirror.


Facial Scarring Treatment Solutions



Imagine – no more scars! Take the first step to eliminating or reducing your scarring.

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