Sun Damaged Skin and Age Spots

Renew your skin by removing the signs of time spent in the sun and age spots.


Healthpoint Laser Clinic provides safe and effective treatments for sun damaged skin and age spots in Kelowna by offering unparalleled results using the latest in laser technology.


Clearer, younger looking skin in just a few treatments.

Our non-invasive approach reduces the appearance of sun damage and age spots in fewer treatments than other local options. We are proud to be the first and exclusive Okanagan provider of the revolutionary PicoWay® System.


What are the benefits of our sun damage and age spot treatments?


  • Safe & comfortable procedures
  • Non-invasive
  • Little to zero downtime with many treatment options
  • Quick treatment times
  • Minimal treatments required


Sun Damage and Age Spots Treatment Solutions



Take the first step to eliminating your sun damage and age spots by contacting Healthpoint Laser Clinic in Kelowna.

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