Acne Scarring Treatments

Healthpoint Laser Clinic is the leader in acne scarring treatments in Kelowna. Accidents, surgeries and acne can leave permanent scars on the skin and can affect one’s self-esteem.


When trauma occurs, the body reacts by building scars made up of fibrous tissue. This tissue is quite different than your normal, healthy skin. It appears discoloured, colourless, raised and/or indented.


Topical treatments and surgery have been the main treatments for scarring. But with Healthpoint Laser Clinic’s technology, we are able to revise scar tissue with dramatically more success, less risk and in many cases, less treatments than other laser treatments in Kelowna.


Laser technology provides resurfacing to even out texture, irregularities and discolouration. Our laser skin specialists will work with you to determine what treatments suit your needs and with our extensive list of srevices, can tailor each treatment. Along with these laser treatment procedures, medical grade skin care can accelerate and enhance the results.

*individual results may vary

Scarring Treatment Solutions


Visibly erase scars! Take the first step to eliminating or reducing your scarring by contacting Healthpoint Laser Clinic in Kelowna.

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