Weight Management

Losing weight and keeping it off is complex. We believe that long-term success requires a multi-faceted, holistic approach. That’s why we’ve created The LaserLean Club. We are giving you access to the very latest in weight loss technology, knowledge and ongoing support. Losing weight doesn’t have to be a long and lonely road. Join The Club!

Your Monthly Membership Includes:

Weekly* painfree LASERLEAN treatments to boost metabolism and reduce cravings

Personalized nutritional coaching with our Registered Natural Nutritionist, Judy Chambers

Weekly* electronic body fat analysis measurements

Powerful behaviour modification CDs

Delicious recipes

Sustainable Shopping Guide

Expert advice and support from our Registered Kinesiologist, Scott Fader

LaserLean Treatments


Our personalized programs include stimulation of acupuncture points with painless low-level laser to reduce food cravings, suppress appetite and speed up metabolism, making it easier for you to reach your fitness goals. The LaserLean Club membership entitles you to weekly laser treatments for the first month and semi-monthly treatments in subsequent months. Lose those cravings for good!


Personalized One-On-One Precision Nutrition Program


Food provides the building blocks of our bodies and our health. Today we have more choices than ever before, and more advice on what and how we eat than we could ever digest. Enter Judy Chambers, a renowned holistic nutritionist, certified personal trainer, author, keynote speaker and creative chef, to sort it all out and create a plan tailored to your unique constitution.

  • Have you ever felt confused about what to eat?
  • Are you burning out and feeling run down?
  • Tired of taking endless expensive supplements and vitamins?

1 hr. initial assessment/30 min follow-up




Judy’s approach teaches you…

  • How to reconnect to the lost wisdom behind eating our way to health.
  • How to let food be your medicine by keeping it simple and unprocessed.
  • How to connect to the wisdom of your body, empowering you to learn to make intelligent, creative, practical and attainable nutrition choices that are right for you.
  • How to view getting healthy as a process that involves you learning to continually improve and adapt using food as medicine and not just fuel.
  • Great recipes and a quick system for staying in control of your daily energy needs.


How it works


In this one-hour session, Judy will create an individualized eating plan that is tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.


No more diets!


Judy promotes gradual, sustainable shifts in the way we feed ourselves, making change relatively effortless and permanent. She will investigate and assess your health imbalances.


You get:

  • Customized lifestyle habits and food choices
  • Expert guidance and innovative strategies for meeting your health and fitness goals
  • Detailed nutritional map that you can easily follow at home or work, together with some of her infamous mouth-watering recipes that you and your family will rave about


Are you too busy travelling or working late?


Not a problem – Judy offers online and phone consultations.


But it seems like so much work to cook and shop!


There is a way to make realistic changes in this program, which takes you back to basics and provides support where you need it the most.

  • Simple tips for meal prep that saves money and gets more nutritional value out of your meals
  • Itemized shopping guide that saves you time looking.

Included in this package is a 30 minute follow up visit, either online or via phone, to check on your progress and fine tune your program. The 30 minute sessions continue twice per month in the subsequent months on The LaserLean Club membership.

Download Judy’s intake form here: nutritionconsultationform




We get what we measure. It is no longer about the scale (weight alone can be highly deceptive), and even BMI calculations do not give an accurate picture of our body composition. With your LaserLean Club Membership, we will track all the numbers that count, at every visit. Using our professional, highly accurate electronic body composition analyzer, you will get a read-out of your weight, lean body mass, total body water and body fat percentage so that you know exactly what you are losing.




To support your program, members of The LaserLean Club will receive behavioural modification and self-hypnosis CDs from some of the best experts in the industry. Reprogram your thoughts and your body will follow.



During our introductory offer, members of The LaserLean Club will also receive a copy of Judy’s hot-off-the-press The Real Food Guide, the must-have pocket guide to reading labels, the latest superfoods and why you should include them in your diet, the inside scoop on fats, the best whole food sweeteners, tips on increasing protein content in grains, how the right chocolate is better for you than blueberries, Judy’s Raw Cacao Truffle recipe, and much more.




As a member of The LaserLean Club, you will have access to our in-house Kinesiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who will offer tips and information on the latest weight loss science. In our soon-to-be-launched online forum, members will also be able to connect with each other, share stories, recipes, trials and triumphs, as research has shown that it is easier to lose weight and keep it off with the support of a group. Stay tuned!