Spider Veins Treatments

Unsightly Facial and Body Veins (Spider Veins)?


Tiny dilated blood vessels cause these webs you see appearing. Did you know? Sun exposure may cause them to become irritated and also to become itchy.

Occurring most often in women, the cause of spider veins is unknown but some theories suggest that they may be linked to estrogen as they tend to appear in pregnant women or those taking a hormonal treatment like oral contraceptives.


Do I need to be concerned for my health?

No, they are harmless and they are one of the most common reasons people contact Healthpoint Laser Clinic. Veins are located everywhere in our bodies but facial spider veins are quite noticeable and can really alter the way we feel about ourselves.


How does Healthpoint Laser Clinic treat spider veins?


By using lasers, of course! Laser vein removal quick, simple an requires little to no downtime.  We not only treat facial spider veins but those pesky webs that appear on legs as well.


What are the benefits of our treatment?


  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No needles
  • Safe and comfortable treatment
  • No downtime – no bruising or blistering after the appointment
  • Effective with most skin types


Facial Spider Vein Treatment Solutions




Imagine having the skin you’ve always wanted. Take the first step to eliminating or reducing facial spider veins.

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