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Letter From A Non-Smoker

Dear Scott,

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I’m still doing great! I haven’t even had one drag of a cigarette since I last saw you; it kicked in!! I am still so excited every time I think about the fact that I don’t smoke. It’s been such a different experience than ever before—a mind shift that I didn’t know was even possible. The first time I responded to someone asking me to go for a smoke, I said “I don’t smoke,”rather than ‘I quit’, and that was the first time I knew this was different. The difference in those 2 statements might not be seen, or make much sense to anyone else, but it was hugely significant to me. I knew then and there that my mind had shifted and smoking wasn’t even a thought I had. No struggling, no flashing glimpse of a desire to ‘just have one.’ It was over. I was finished with that horrible thing that had such control over my life.For the first couple of months I kept waiting to wake up with the old desires creeping slowly back in, but it never happened. Eventually I stopped thinking about it at all. My friends and family were so supportive, and scared to smoke around me in case I was tempted, but I reassured them that my laser therapy had removed all that desire and once they put that to the test, they realized that it was true, and this time it was different. I couldn’t be tempted because it just wasn’t something that interested me anymore. So I have become a testament to your willingness to follow through and persist with me when I felt like giving up, and that the laser therapy and your commitment to provide that service was solid and unwavering until I was no longer a smoker! I have given out links to your website, your phone number, your address (incase people are just driving by your office and decide that right then is the moment they want to make that change), and encouraged everyone to make that connection with you. It’s life changing and I hope that everyone I know and love will make the decision to at least give it a try. I believe your laser therapy was an answer to my prayers, and I’m so grateful I heard your ad on the radio last year because this is the best thing I ever did for myself! Sorry I rambled on, I actually held back and had to stop myself somewhere. I just didn’t want to miss expressing some of my excitement and gratefulness, and pointing out the positive changes in my life. I realize how silly that is when you probably don’t even remember who I am, but I sure remember you, and your clinic, and the new life I live now that I’m free of smoking. THANK YOU!


PS:  and I didn’t even touch on the positive changed from a financial aspect!


“Nov 5 2013 I had laser treatment to stop smoking. I had tried every avenue of smoking cessation without success…would this one work? I had lost my dad to lung cancer Oct 9 2012, and I didn’t want to put my family through that again, so I was very motivated. That day I smoked my last cigarette in the parking lot…took a deep breath and went into the office. After the painless treatment I left the office feeling like I had a fresh start. I won’t lie, there were times I had cravings, still do to this day. But I’ve been given the knowledge and the tools to fight these cravings, and ultimately to enjoy a new smoke free lifestyle. Here I am Feb 13 2015 and I am a non smoker! Thank you Healthpoint!!”

Sandy L., W. Kelowna, BC

“I had Plantar Fasciitis for 7 or 8 months. With the help of Scott at HealthPoint Laser Clinic, it is gone. It took about four treatments and after the first one, I had relief from the pain. I would strongly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from pain. The treatment IS painless, so goodbye to pain and hello to walking again.”

Doreen K, Vernon, BC

“I HAVE quit smoking…..thank you HealthPoint Laser Clinic………the laser treatment made quitting easy and the follow up help with hypnosis techniques have been instrumental in my success. I quit smoking and YOU can too.”

Brian Martin, morning Host SUN FM

“I have struggled with alcohol and pills much of my life, been in and out of detox, and nearly broke my family’s heart. After my first laser treatment, I completely lost the desire for a drink, and I haven’t had one since. HealthPoint laser has truly been a miracle in my life.”

F R, Vancouver, BC

“I smoked for more than 35 years and I have been smoke free now for over three months. I never thought I would be able to do it but HealthPoint made it easy. Thank you so much for giving me my energy back.”

Maria M, Kelowna, BC

“I was suffering terrible pain from shingles. I was on so much pain medication that I could not work or function. The day after my first laser treatment I no longer needed the pills and was able to return to work. After four more treatments, the pain and rash were completely gone and have not returned. This treatment really works! Thank you HealthPoint.”

Mandy A, Vernon, BC

“After years of suffering the effects of chronic stress and anxiety, I found myself exhausted and in a constant state of panic. My first treatment at HealthPoint Laser offered such a sense of calm and well-being -the sensation of “relaxation” is inexplicable- I was amazed by the results. With the help of HealthPoint, I am now able to effectively manage everyday stresses and find myself sleeping better, waking rested and have so much more energy during the day. I finally feel like I am getting my life back. Thanks Scott!”

Amber C, Kelowna, BC

“Late last summer I was diagnosed with tennis elbow. I tried several different wraps and braces then moved on to massage and chiropractic therapies. No amount of pain killers helped in the least bit. A friend suggested I try Scott’s program and after the first treatment I was pain free. For the first time in months I had relief. I highly recommend Scott and HealthPoint Laser for natural, drug-free pain relief.”

Kathy K, Westbank, BC

“I wish to express my appreciation for the treatment you provided in assisting my effort to quit smoking, which has now proven successful for a full three months, and I have every intention of continuing on this path. The money I would have spent on cigarettes is now accumulating in a special fund to reward myself. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone in my circumstance.”

Marilyn O, Kelowna, BC

“It’s been over 3 months now and I have still not smoked!!! I feel like I never was a smoker and have absolutely no cravings. I will never go back to smoking again!! Thanks again.”

Tonia R, Kelowna, BC

“I feel great. Had a couple of stressful weeks and didn’t even think about having a smoke. I tell everyone who asks about your clinic and the treatment. Thanks again for me helping get off that disgusting habit.”

Paul M, Vernon, BC

“I am still smoke free! I want to thank you for the treatment and your support. Without HealthPoint Laser I would not have succeeded at this goal.”

Lori T, Armstrong, BC

“I was a referral to Scott at HealthPoint. I found him to be most professional, knowledgeable and courteous. His ethical standards and confidentiality are among the highest I have seen, which did wonders to minimize my apprehension. I am very happy to say that after my painless sessions with him, I no longer have a craving, making this a wonderfully positive change in my life. I highly encourage anyone with any dependency to contact him and find out how beautiful and productive life can be.”

Sincerely – N M, Kelowna, BC 

“I had been suffering with lower back discomfort and severe leg pain for over 1 1/2 years when I was introduced to laser as a form of pain control. I noticed some results after the first treatment and significant results after my eighth treatment. Thanks to Scott at HealthPoint Laser Clinic I now can enjoy an active lifestyle pain-free!”

Terri E, Kelowna, BC 

“After smoking for 45 years, I was absolutely sick of cigarettes. I finally saw what I was doing to my body. My health suffered, with severe colds that would go to my chest, chronic coughing and infected sinuses. With smoking becoming so socially unacceptable, it really bothered me to even be seen smoking and having to search out places in public to do it. Quite frankly, it is very demoralizing to be the only one outside and smoking at a Christmas party or any other event. I knew I would need some help and I had heard about HealthPoint Laser in Kelowna. Scott made me feel very comfortable, and the procedure is definitely painless. I am absolutely amazed and thankful that this procedure has worked for me. I have been smoke free with not even a sneaky puff for six months and counting. Thank you Scott and HealthPoint Laser Clinic.”

Pam M, Vernon, BC 

“The skin rejuvenation treatments are so relaxing, the results amazing. I look younger and feel great.”

Patricia L, Kelowna, BC 

“After over 40 years I’m now approaching 3 months of not smoking. With Scott’s help and my determination to quit I’m feeling better about this all the time. Thanks again Scott for your professional and pleasant manner of becoming involved with my goal to hopefully live a little longer and enjoy the freedom from addiction.”

Bob W, Nelson, BC 

“I would like to thank Scott for helping me quit a 16 year addiction with tobacco. I will be smoke free for 1 year as of tomorrow and recommend anyone to visit HealthPoint if you are serious about quitting. My wife, 3 year old daughter and I thank Scott and HealthPoint Laser Clinic and wish you continued success.”

Sean C, Kelowna, BC

“Just to let you know …..I will have achieved one year on April 28th. I was a very heavy smoker and I believe this has changed my life…so thank you!!! I have also told many people about you and I hope that at some point they take advantage of what you do……………On behalf of myself,  Sherrie, Kyla and Stephanie ……THANK YOU!”