Permanently Eliminate 10% more fat than Coolsculpting with UltraShape Power®

Fat reduction is one of the most requested cosmetic treatments at Healthpoint Laser Clinic. Even those who have been successful in losing weight can often struggle with stubborn, isolated problem areas that simply do not respond to diet and exercise.

There is good news!

Healthpoint Laser Clinic is now the Okanagan’s exclusive provider of the latest FDA-cleared, non-invasive UltraShape Power®; the ultimate fat eliminator which effectively treats not only common problem areas but improves the body’s overall contouring. As an added benefit, unlike other procedures skin tightening can be done in the same session.

Work on your summer body with this truly comfortable, walk-in/walkout treatment that only requires approximately 30 minutes per area.


What is Ultrashape Power®?

Ultrashape Power® is an easy and comfortable procedure that uses sound waves to destroy subcutaneous fat cells and reduce overall circumference permanently; an ideal solution for people struggling to get rid of a few inches of fat.

The Ultrashape Power® Procedure

First, the fat is isolated using elastic straps or tape. Our experts then create a 3-D map of the area with an imaging system. Ultrasound gel is applied to the treatment area and the Ultrashape Power® handpiece is moved over the area with a series of repetitive pulses. The 3-D map guides the device to unwanted fat cells to target and destroy them with ultrasonic energy.

What are the most common treatment areas?

Pockets of fat can occur anywhere but the stomach, hips, love handles, thighs, bra line, thighs, arms, and knees are the most commonly treated areas.

Is Ultrashape Power® really painless?

Unlike other procedures which can rate high on the 0-10 pain scale, UltraShape Power® is rated less than 1. Patients regularly comment that the warm energy pulses are soothing and relaxing.

What are the potential Ultrashape Power® side effects?

Ultrashape Power® is one of the safest fat reduction techniques available. The non-invasive treatment is designed to send a soundwave directly into the fat cell without any effect on the surrounding tissue, nerves, blood vessels, or skin. The body then eliminates the fat after the treatment similar to how the body processes fat consumed in food.

Are you a good candidate?

Before you make your Ultrashape Power® appointment, schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and ensure you are a good candidate for Ultrashape Power®.  Our clinicians will explain the procedure with you and assess if the treatment will help you reach your goals. The consultation is an excellent way to get to know our staff, ask questions about the treatment and learn more about Healthpoint Laser Clinic. Book one today!

*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.