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Laser Therapy for Companion Animals

Is Your Best Friend Suffering?

Introducing mobile laser therapy for companion animals

Injured canines, felines and exotic companion animals, can all suffer from the same neuromuscular skeletal and wound injuries that humans do. Unlike humans, companion animals have limited means to express their pain and discomfort and have learned to endure a great deal of pain before verbalizingĀ their distress.

The Theralase superpulsed laser provides a safe and effective way to accelerate the healing of companion animals back to full vigorous health. The non-heating, non-invasive Theralase therapeutic medical laser accelerates the natural healing processes in tissue without any side-effects or discomfort. Depending on the severity of the injury, your companion could be back to full activity within a few treatments.

Treatable Conditions

The Theralase superpulsed laser has over 24 clinically proven pre-programmed treatments.

For a list of some of the conditions we treat, see the diagrams below.

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