How To Choose A Laser Clinic

You decided to proceed with a laser treatment.  How do you choose a laser clinic?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Healthpoint Laser Aesthetics is home to Kelowna’s laser therapy experts and we take great pride in educating people about typical services offered by laser clinics.  A clinic should always have your safety and comfort as top priorities.

Whether you’re looking into laser hair removal, vein therapy, IPL photo rejuvenation, body contouring, pain managementweight management, smoking cessation, skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, scar revision, 3D facelift, or the latest skin renewal laser technology, Venus Viva, or any other treatments Kelowna laser clinics offer, it is always a good idea to ask some questions before you choose a laser therapist.

Here at Healthpoint Laser Aesthetics, we believe there are three important questions to ask when considering a Kelowna laser clinic:

  1. Qualifications

It may surprise you to know that there are currently no government regulations for laser technicians.  Many “certified laser technicians” were trained for a mere 2 hours in basic practices taught by the laser manufacturer.  Scary?  We think so too!  Some clinics will state that the treatment will be done by a doctor or nurse.  This is irrelevant.  Unless that doctor or nurse has been properly trained, it does not make them a laser expert.

What to ask

When contacting a Kelowna laser clinic ask what qualifications they hold besides the basic training received by the laser manufacturer. Medical, nursing and beauty qualifications are great, but they are not laser qualifications.

  1. Laser Clinic Equipment

Ok, now that you’ve determined that the clinic has well trained staff, let’s check out the laser clinic’s equipment.

Ask about the laser or IPL itself. There may be highly qualified laser technicians using old, cheap equipment. This won’t do you any good either. Clinics that purchase cheap lasers and IPLs are simply not going to give you the same results as a clinic that has high quality laser equipment.

The second thing to check is how many lasers the clinic operates. Different skin types and treatments require different types of lasers or IPLs. If a clinic only has one laser, that’s a definite red flag. That laser may not be suited to the treatment you require nor will it give you the results you desire for the money you’re spending.

At Healthpoint Laser Aesthetics, we offer a choice of high quality, advanced lasers and IPLs.  Each one is meant for a specific treatment, and we use the system which is most appropriate for you, not because it’s the only option we have in the clinic.

What to ask

How many lasers and IPLs does the clinic operate?

What grade is the laser? The term “medical grade” is often misused by clinics. If the clinic states their laser is medical grade, ask which hospitals operate this type of laser.

  1. Cost of laser treatment

Laser treatment isn’t cheap. If it’s cheap, it isn’t the right laser treatment for you. Trust us on this one. Laser machines are expensive to purchase, maintain and operate. If a clinic is offering a price that you think is too good to be true, again, this is a red flag. If the price is tremendously lower than other clinics, this means that their costs are lower to purchase, maintain and operate their lasers.  And yes, you guessed it . . . this means they are using cheap equipment.

What to ask

Check out the website for clear, upfront and fair pricing.

Check whether they have packages for loyal customers that will save you some cash.

Healthpoint Laser Aesthetics is fairly and competitively priced and we only use the highest quality lasers available. We are always focused on providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience with proven results that you will literally see.

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