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What is laser therapy?

The kind of lasers used at Healthpoint Laser Clinic differ from surgical lasers in that they do not cut tissue, rather they use highly focused light to deeply penetrate individual cells, stimulating cell metabolism and restoring optimum cell function. These are referred to as low level, soft or cold lasers and are non-invasive, painless and very safe.

How does it work?

Our therapy uses low powered lasers that produce a singular, concentrated light referred to as a light-emitting diode. These laser diodes are both non-invasive and non-thermal. There are no adverse side effects involved with HealthPoint laser therapy. It is considered a modern form of acupuncture.

What is a laser?

The word laser stands for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” Lasers are possible because of the way light interacts with electrons. Electrons exist at specific energy levels or states characteristic of that particular atom or molecule. The energy levels can be imagined as rings or orbits around a nucleus. Electrons in outer rings are at higher energy levels compared to those in the inner rings. Electrons can be bumped up to higher energy levels by the injection of energy-for example, by a flash of light. When an electron drops from an outer to an inner shell, energy is given off as light. The wavelength or color of the emitted light is precisely related to the amount of energy released. Depending on the particular lasing material being used, specific wavelengths of light are absorbed [to energize or excite the electrons] and specific wavelengths are emitted [when the electrons fall back to their initial level].

What does laser therapy treat?

Low level laser therapy can be used for almost all conditions traditionally treated with acupuncture, including addictions therapy, weight loss, stress and anxiety, pain, soft tissue injuries, and bone healing. There is a wide body of clinical evidence showing the effectiveness of laser therapy in treating soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, chronic pain, and arthritis. We also treat fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injuries, migraines, tissue healing and many other conditions.

What makes Healthpoint different?

The health professionals at HealthPoint bring a wealth of physiological and psychological experience to the practice, and have been trained and certified by Alpha Life Style Systems, the founder of laser therapy in North America. Alpha Life Styles brings 20 years of experience pioneering and refining laser protocols and behaviour modification programs for a wide variety of conditions, and has extensive experience in the US and Ontario. HealthPoint is pleased to be able to bring this system to Western Canada. We don’t just offer laser treatments, we first get to know you and then prepare a completely customized program for you, including laser therapy, behavioural modification, supplementary take-home audio/visual materials to support lifestyle change, and nutraceuticals to help neutralize detox symptoms where appropriate. We follow up with you to ensure you are successful in your wellness plan, and offer loads of free and relevant information, from publications and articles to public lectures and workshops given by subject area experts.

Is it medically approved?

This is a non-medical procedure, but many medical doctors refer their patients for low-level laser therapy.  All therapists at HealthPoint Laser Clinic are medical professionals.  We are working toward the regulation of the laser industry in that only medical professionals can provide this type of treatment.  We use only C.S.A. Government approved laser units.

Is it safe?

Low power laser light is completely safe. It is a bio-stimulation laser, not a surgical laser. In more than 35 years of application, low level laser therapy has been serious side-effect free. We are using the latest technology without needles or electrical stimulation, so it is totally painless. Your treatment will be given by a health professional, specifically trained in low power laser therapy.

How effective is it?

Clinical studies of low level laser treatment for smoking cessation show up to 94% success rate in suppression of physical withdrawal and cravings with only one procedure. Additional treatments may be required for addictions of chronic proportions. In clinical practice, the success rate in breaking drug or alcohol addictions has been over 85%, based on thousands of client treatments. There is significant body of clinical evidence proving the efficacy of low level laser in tissue and bone healing, and many forms of physiological pain, including pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. In clinical practice, low level laser has significantly diminished or eliminated pain from these conditions.

Is it guaranteed?

Unfortunately because of the complexities of the psychological side of the addiction, no one can force you to stop smoking, drugs, alcohol or unhealthy foods, but we can help to eliminate the withdrawal and physical cravings, allowing you to become a non-addict in the easiest possible way. Our clinical practitioners will give you tools to help you re-program your emotional dependency, reduce stress and provide nutritional guideline to help your body to detoxify and re-balance itself; we also provide counselling services where needed. As long as you want to quit, we can make it easy for you. For our smoking cessation patients, we offer a free enhancement treatment within the first two months if, for some reason, cravings resurface. Only about 10 percent of our patients have needed this, usually due to unexpected physical or emotional stress.

What does the treatment involve?

A laser acupuncture treatment is safe, painless and relaxing. You recline on a comfortable treatment chair and are given protective eye-wear to use during the procedure. Your therapist uses a computerized laser with a fine, focused tip [much like a laser pointer] and applies focused laser light to specific acupuncture points on the ears, hands and feet.  In pain treatments, a larger profile diode is applied directly to the affected area.  The treatments last from a few minutes in the case of a pain site, to 45 minutes or longer when treating multiple conditions [for example, smoking plus stress].