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60 Shades of Graves: Healthpoint’s Laser Skin Clinic Star

By Scott on June 7, 2017 in Laser Aesthetics


Tara Graves performs 3D Face Lift laser therapy at Healthpoint Laser Clinic Kelowna60 Shades of Graves: Because 50 Shades Just Won’t Do

Healthpoint Laser Clinic is the go-to laser skin treatment clinic in Kelowna.  With highly skilled medical professionals, we provide only the highest level of service so you actually see results with each skin treatment.  Whether it’s skin resurfacing and renewal, non-surgical facelifts, skin tightening and body contouring, vein therapy, microdermabrasion, scar revision, laser hair removal, Botox or chemical peels, our laser skin experts know what works best and welcome you into their Kelowna laser skin clinic to find out what treatment would work best for you.

From TV Sets To Kelowna Skin Care Clinic

Our lead laser skin specialist in Kelowna is Tara Graves.  She spent years on movie and TV sets covering up the skin for special effects. She even worked on The Addams Family TV series with casting director Sean Milliken. The late Babs Chula, best known for playing Surgeon in the X-Files, is also on Tara’s famous colleague list.


Tara then moved to Japan where she found herself at Lord Spencer’s bridal company and modeled both print and runway for Kelly Magazine.

Vancouver called her back and she started an entertainment company producing a dance troupe called XTC ensemble.

In 2004, tragedy brought Tara to Kelowna to rebuild her life. A local entrepreneur for 7 years, she returned to her passion for the beauty industry and studied the effects of laser therapy on the skin.

She partnered with Healthpoint Laser Clinic in Kelowna where she currently works her magic on all skin types and is still producing special effects.  The effects she now creates require a lot less makeup and a lot more laser. No covering up with makeup here. Her mission is to give women the confidence to go makeup free.

Graves’ background in the makeup industry and being a dancer make her meticulous by nature.  Her creative nature shows in the cakes she bakes and elaborately decorates.  She also paints intriguing, beautiful artwork.  “I’m actually looking for a kiln to make pottery,” she cheerfully says.  We did say there were 60 shades of Graves.


Every one of her passions requires dedication and attention to detail.  Her work at Healthpoint Laser Clinic for the last seven years has been nothing less than that — perfection.  Our clients travel great distances to Kelowna to visit Tara and get the results she achieves with laser skin treatments.

Visit our laser skin treatment clinic and you’ll be welcomed by her bubbly demeanour which instantly puts you in a good mood.  She’ll then go into laser skin expert mode, asking questions and thoroughly looking at the skin.

She says, “A lot of people come in frustrated with previous treatments.  They’ve been given lotions and potions that aren’t having the desired effect.”  Years of training and experience have taught her to look deeper than what lotions can treat.

No two people, or their skin, are the same.  Graves uses her creativity and knowledge of laser skin treatments to custom design each session.   With access to the latest laser technologies, she has no shortage of tools to get the job done.  Clearly, her method is working.  The results she’s achieving are unsurpassed.  “I love my clients but my whole goal is to do such an amazing job that I see less of them.  I want results in the least amount of treatments while keeping my clients safe and comfortable,” says Graves.


Ask her about the 3D Face Lift and you’ll get nothing less than a passionate explanation about this signature laser skin treatment available exclusively to Healthpoint’s clients.  This treatment is based on more than a decade of scientific development and when you put this powerful technology in the hands of Graves, the results are magical. You can expect to lift 5 to 10 years off the appearance of your face in one 2 hour session.  Drooping necks and jawlines, superficial lines and age spots are no match.

Healthpoint’s patients were extremely pleased with the 3D Face Lift. So, in true “Tara Graves style,” she kept testing other ways to get even better results and the 5D Face Lift was born.  Expanding on the 3D techniques and adding nano-fractional technology proved that 5D was not only possible but gives unmatched results.  Now, we can’t divulge all the clinic’s laser treatment secrets but if you ask her about the 5D Face Lift, you will not hear anyone explain nano-fractional technology more enthusiastically than Graves.

Healthpoint Laser Clinic offers the very best laser skin treatments in Kelowna. Find out more here or call (778)478-9695.

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